Open Wall

Calling All Local Artists

This is a chance to share your work in a non juried show.

Open Wall is a great opportunity for artists who would like to get their work out there for the first time as well as for seasoned artists. Sculpture, jewelry, pottery and fiber art are welcome along with  paintings and photos. You can bring in two works if they are 18′” x 20″ or smaller, or one if it is larger.  The work needs to be suitable for viewing by all ages. There is no fee. New Open Wall Opportunities begin in Spring 2022.

Current Open Wall Show - Into the Light

Stop in to see the new Open Wall Show until December 31 Through the Gate, photograph by Lisa Witham, 

Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge, painting by Jo Robbins.

About the Open Wall

The Open Wall is open to local artists to display their work in a non-juried show. All ages and all levels welcome. 

Mixed Media Assemblage by Janalene L. Gould. It lights up!